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Preventative and Curative Solutions
for the Wine and Food Industries

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In highly competitive markets, local and international buyers are continuously refining the standards in search of top-quality products across all price points. There is very little room for error, or the spot on the shelf might be gone forever! Thales Services understands the risks involved during winemaking and we assist wineries in making the right choices and create continuous awareness concerning potential problem areas.

While playing crime scene investigator has its appeal as a curative measure, we prefer to rather offer a preventative approach towards business improvement by supplying products and technical opinions – we believe that is where the real value is to be found.
It gives us great peace of mind to combine best-in-class products with years of combined practical winemaking experience to give trusted, tailor-made advice.

About Thales Services

Established in 1999, the original Thalès Wine Cellar Services predominantly found its roots in the selling and supply of reconditioned wine barrels.

In February 2010, the Thalès Management team performed a buy-out from the previous French shareholder to acquire full ownership and to become proudly South African. In 2013 the shareholders changed the company name to Thalès Services.

Wine Barrels

We offer quality reconditioned wine barrels including French and American oak to white or red barrels.

Wine Barrels | Thales Services
Wine Ingredients | Thales Services

Wine Ingredients

Thales Services has been the proud distributor of the Viniflora® range of non-Saccharomyces yeasts and lactic acid bacteria from Chr. Hansen to the South African wine industry since 2012.

Hygiene Cleaning Solutions

Our products are approved for food applications, compliant with industry regulations, and environmentally safe.

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