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Hygiene Training

We offer training to production staff on the correct use of cleaning chemicals and teach them about hygiene awareness. Everybody in the process chain, from the manager to the ground staff,  contributes to the overall quality of the final product. Our training serves to refresh basic principles and stimulate general awareness.

Analytical Services

We offer a range of specialist analyses in an effort to manage risk in both wine, water and the cellar atmosphere.
These include testing for the organohalogens (the family of components TCA belongs to), volatile phenols (indication of Brettanomyces), smoke taint and geosmin.
We take responsibility for correct sampling as part of our value-added service and outsource the analysis to the Central Analytical Facility at Stellenbosch University.

Barrel Hygiene

Due to the very complex nature of wood and the dynamic interactions between wood and the micro-flora residing within it, it is crucial that proper barrel hygiene and cleaning processes are performed to maximize the lifetime of your barrels.
Thales Services provides several cleaning services in wine barrels and large wooden vats along with the best expertise on barrel maintenance & risk management.

Our Barrel Services:

• Microbial Decontamination (including Brettanomyces yeasts)
• VA reduction
• Tartrate removal
• Sanding of the exterior surface
• Leakage repairs
• Branding
• Removal/replacement of heads

Cellar Hygiene

It is crucial that the production environment is clean and presents minimal risks to ensure that only the best quality wine can be produced.

Thales Services offers a holistic approach to wine cellar hygiene with preventative and curative services targeting microbial spoilage and chemical contamination. We have established ourselves as  experts in this field after several years of experience and multiple case studies.

What We Offer:

• Cellar Risk Assessments and Consultations
• Winery Staff Training
• Formulated, Food grade Cellar Hygiene Chemicals
• Risk Management and Problem Solving