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Today we fondly remember the activity of trading in used wine barrels as the cornerstone of our business back in 1999, and it remains an integral part of our product offering more than twenty years later. We offer quality reconditioned wine barrels for sale, which include French and American oak, and white or red barrels of various ages and sizes. It is a dynamic market which is highly dependent on supply and demand, as well as the size of the crop in a specific vintage.

We have seen some interesting definitions of “fills”, so we have decided to define a “fill” as a barrel having matured wine for a maximum of 12 months – whether first, second, third or fourth fill. Older, healthy large format barrels might be available on occasion, but will most likely be marketed as “neutral” – ideal for styles needing less wood influence.
Our reconditioning process is subject to full traceability and quality assurance checks – they are cleaned and decontaminated using steam, shaved externally, and bar-coded for your peace of mind.


The barrels used for our “deco” range are wine barrels that are no longer suitable for wine ageing – whether due to physical condition, age or because of a quality defect.
The options are varied – ranging from the normal flowerpot (half a barrel) to cheese platter boards.
We can also do custom-made branding on a client’s own barrels, so please contact us with your requirements. Our team is very talented and enjoys a challenge!

What is a deco barrel?

“Deco” is short for decorative. These barrels are wine barrels that have been down-graded and they are not suitable for wine ageing. Wine barrels that are too old or do not pass our strict quality procedures can be determental for wine quality and they become deco barrels.

We do custom-made concepts and branding so you are welcome to contact us with your requirements. Our team is very talented and enjoy a challenge.